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Our Church History
By Heather Ferguson

The great vision of Adventism in Norwalk began in 1957.  Elder Eldridge Chapman a member of Calvary SDAChurch in Bridgeport was introduced to Lionel Clark Sr. and his wife Evelyn.  Following biblical study the Clark’s were baptized and became members of the Calvary SDA church.  But the burden to begin spreading the message within the Norwalk area was great.  This small group began to offer bible studies to adults and story hour for the children right in the Clark’s living room in Roodner court.  Over the next several years many families in the community participated and learned about the great love of Jesus.  Eventually this group became large enough to begin a branch Sabbath school.

  In 1964 Elder Chapman and Sister Clark began that Branch Sabbath School in the Roodner Court Laundry room.  From this vision a pathfinder club was introduced.  Believers such as Brother and Sister Clark, Bro. Robert Morgan, and Sister Darlene Dawson worked diligently in the Norwalk vineyard.

  In 1966 The Norwalk SDA mission was established.  However, they soon outgrew that laundry room in Roodner court and through the influence of Brother Lionel Clark Sr. were able to conduct services in the Nathaniel Ely School auditorium.  In 1969, the executive committee of the North Eastern Conference of Seventh Day Adventist voted to have this mission become a church.  While continuing to worship in the Nathaniel Ely School, the organization service took place on December 5, 1969.  The charter member of the Norwalk Seventh Day Adventist Church are:


Elderidge Chapman                             Sharon Howard

Mittie Chapman                                   Charles E. Parker

Bernette D. Clark                                  Phyllis Parker

Evelyn E. Clark                                    Louise Phillips                               

Karen M. Clark                                    Essie Ray

Lionel Clark Sr                                     Ella Ross

Lionel Clark Jr                                      Edith Sharp

Mathew Clark                                        Samuel Sharp

Reginald Clark                                      Pauline Trammel

Robin Clark                                          Goldie Turner

Darlene Dawson                                   John Turner

Dorothy Dawson                                  Joyce Turner

Loretta Dawson                                    Monroe Turner

David Edward Sr                                  Devon Vereen

Laura Edwards                                     Vernia Vereen

Josephine Hargrett                            Victoria Wholley

                                                    Willie Mae Williams-Whitbeck


    In late 1974 Pastor James Lamar and his family came to Norwalk and served as the first pastor Norwalk Church could truly call it’s own.  Following Pastor Lamar’s dedication to the Norwalk church Pastor Farrell Jones came to Norwalk with an energy and exuberance that rivaled none.  In May of 1979 the Lord guided the Norwalk church into the purchase of the facility at 101 south main street.  Before the churches official move in December 1979 Pastor Jones left to attend Andrews University, never quite having the opportunity to minister to the flock of the Norwalk Church in it’s new building.

  Over the years along with Pastor Lamar and Pastor Jones Norwalk church has been blessed to be led by pastor Carlyle Langhorn, Jerome James Kenneth Green Sr, Fitzroy Jackson, Lawrence Mason, the late George St John, Rudolph Peters and Henoc Paulicin Sr.

  While serving as the Pastor of the Norwalk Church, Pastor Rudolph Peters leading with the vision of many that came before him guided the Church into a major renovation in August of 2003.  This brought with it many challenges, obstacles, frustration and blessings.  We were even lead back to the place were Norwalk Seventh Day Adventist church began—the auditorium of the Nathaniel Ely School.  With almost four years of prayer, diligent work, the guidance of Brother Winston McKenzie, the advice of Pastor Henoc Paulicin Sr. and the blessings of our Lord we have returned home.  And we must say there is no place like home.  There is still much work to be done.  However, as the work continues our goal is to work within the community with a renewed spirit, God’s guidance and a song in our hearts.  “We’ve come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord.”